Quotations of Donald J. Trump

Yes.  Quotations of Donald J. Trump is a compilation of things that were actually said in his own “best words” in interviews, or as a candidate or even as president of the United States of America! 
Keep one handy in your pocket, purse, briefcase or backpack… just in case.
In case of what?
Just in case. You’ll know when you need it, be it when you’re at work or school, at a party or social gathering. Maybe a rally!
Or when you are just feeling like all THIS is never going to end…
Have a chuckle, or a giggle, or a laugh courtesy of the Donald. It will help.
Yes.  He really said that. And, Yes, he really is…

book quotations of donald j trump

Many thanks to my dear friend and editor Karin Carlson.


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